Condemned: Criminal Origins
Genre Action -> FPS
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Date 2006-04-14
Publisher Sega
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtCondemned: Criminal Origins allows players to experience the unnatural, as they track down serial killers and bring them to justice. Play as Ethan Thomas, an FBI agent in the Serial Crimes Unit (SCU), whose pursuit of relentless serial killers leads him through detailed urban environments filled with sociopaths who lurk on the edge of humanity. Condemned maintains an intense, focused pace -- players can never be sure what waits around each corner. Meticulously crafted 5.1 surround-sound will cue players to the location of offscreen enemies Next-generation lighting, mapping, and filtering techniques provide for environments of unprecedented detail and visual quality

- Weapons and ammunition are scarce, leaving the player vulnerable to the game's mentally deranged criminals
- Careful detective work and precision reflexes are your primary means of survival
- Intelligent enemies respond strategically to your offensive and defensive maneuvers
- High-level physics allow players to manipulate background items, which respond realistically when picked up, kicked, or bumped
- Tightly wound story, backed with strong Character development and major plot twists
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Condemned: Criminal Origins Movie Pack
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