Genre Adventure -> Adventure
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Date 2001-01-01
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North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtEnter the lost city of Zinj if you dare! Begin your adventure where the novel and movie end on an all new expedition. Experience Descent into Zinj, the ultimate first person jungle adventure. As a special operative for the TRAVICOM conglomerate, venture deep into the unexplored Congo on a quest for rare diamonds hidden within the legendary city of Zinj. Astonishing special effects and 3D graphics plunge you headlong into this deadly gauntlet. Experience exotic jungles, raging rivers, subterranean caves, active volcanoes and deadly adversaries. Armed with an arsenal of high-tech devices you must rely on strategy, quick thinking and puzzle solving skills to survive. Hang on for an unforgettable adventure where YOU are the endangered species! * Rare Mac Title *

- Based on Michael Crichton's best-selling novel and hit movie!
- Use futuristic high tech devices communicating via satellite using the Travicom field station.
- Cinematic special effects and photo-realistic 3D environments.
- First person full motion 3D interactive actions sequences in this rare adventure!
- MACINTOSH OS System 7.5 or Later required to use
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