Conquest of Elysium II
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
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Date N/A
Publisher Shrapnel Games
Date N/A
Publisher Shrapnel Games
Conquest of Elysium II, a turn-based fantasy strategy game, and the precursor to the wildly popular Dominions series launched back in 1997. In Conquest of Elysium II, players can choose from twenty different character classes to represent their faction in the gameworld. Each class differs in traits and powers, with some influencing the battlefield and others controlling vast wells of magic. There are five different societies to play in, akin to the different ages in Dominions, and the world map is generated anew for each game. Besides battling other opponents, neutral creatures are scattered throughout the world. There are over three hundred types of critters, and over one hundred special abilities possessed by them. Conquest of Elysium II supports up to eight players, although unfortunately it does not support multplayer outside of hotseat play.
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