Contract Work
Genre Action -> Shoot Em Up
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Contract Work Early Engagement Trailer (HD)
22.45MB - 41 downloads - 23 July, 2013

This heavily customisable cyperpunk RPG shooter gives players full control of how they play the game, allowing them to run n' gun, hack or stealth their way through a variety of levels. By beating levels and earning money, players can choose whatever upgrades they can afford, without being restrained by skill trees. Whether it's guns, shields, armour or abilities, everything has a myriad of customisation options

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Contract Work Trailer (HD)
22.68MB - 40 downloads - 15 May, 2013

Contract Work mashes action-RPG with old-school shmup in a cyberpunk world to create a game that lets you play how you want to play. In a future where corporatism has evolved to its worst degree, money is the only thing that matters. You’ll shoot and hack your way through the competition, taking contracts that task you with stealing corporate information or bringing down a rival HQ.

play Contract Work Trailer (HD) download Contract Work Trailer (HD)