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CosmicBreak is a super-speed, free-to-play multiplayer 3D robot shooter adventure. Powerful robots, constant shooting battles, and an all-out fight to the finish will determine the fate of the world!

The long-dormant race of gigantic robots called Arks have suddenly awakened to find their galaxy is now ruled by the evil Chaos, and the three remaining Arks – Courage, Strength, and Wisdom – must use their energy to conquer their universe once again. Dedicated followers of each of the three great Arks have formed three rival Unions, each battling for the right to revive their respective Ark. Who wins the battles and defeats Chaos is up to you!

Arena Mode: The game combines fast and furious shooter action (PvP Arena Battles, Capture the Flag, etc.) with powerful robots, blasting fire power, and fighting mayhem! Players fight in explosive matches of up to 60 people at once and may choose from over 50 different character-piloted robots.
Mission Mode with five levels of difficulty: Join forces with other players to challenge the evil Chaos army NPCs. Up to five players can form a party and launch their devastating assault!
Quest Mode: Go treasure hunting on vast and unexplored planets. Endless monsters and mazes challenge players’ very survival!

Unique Robot Editor for creative players

CosmicBreak features an innovative Customization and Skin Editor system that allows players to create and customize their own personal robots. Create original robots from scratch by mixing and matching over 300 different parts, use the Skin and Polygon Editors to give them custom paint jobs, then take them to the Arena and show them off to other players.
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