Cossacks The Art of War
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date 2002-04-01
Publisher CDV
Date 2002-02-08
Publisher CDV
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtCossacks--Art of War is the add-on to the hugely popular Cossacks--European Wars and once again sees you managing vast nations into battle. Set across even more mind-boggling missions, the single player and multiplayer alike have much to look forward to. With new missions, new historical battles and extensive campaigns with selectable degrees of difficulty Cossacks--Art of War offers plenty to those looking for more action. Map sizes have been increased along with the introduction of different terrain and vegetation to populate your fair isle. But it's not just the maps that have been given a new least of life, and new ships, new units and even new nations have been created to give hardened fans something to revel in. For those not use to hours of play, a Peace Time option has been included allowing players to develop armies before the fighting commences. Multiplayer options have also been increased and you can now start with full armies, forge alliances with other players and even fight for the best positions in the new Global Rating system set up by CDV, the games developers, online. Cossacks--Art of War is a worthy add-on pack to the original and with the addition of a Map editor should bring you an endless amount of play. --Jason Denwood

Map and mission editors
36 New missions
2 New Nations
New formation system
New units(boats, Prussian and more), items and buildings
Experience system for Soldiers
Multiplayer rating system (online play)
Easier to play with levels of difficulty
Record and replay
More flexible multiplay
New landscapes
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