Cradle of Rome
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
Publisher Awem Studio
Date N/A
Publisher Awem Studio
Cradle of Rome is an unconventional mixture of a city building game and a major casual component set, as the title implies, at the dawn of the Roman Empire. Your job is to build up an elaborate Roman city from scratch by building forges, mills, fountains and other scores of buildings. When your city is big enough, you will be able to recreate the Coliseum with gladiators and even the Pantheon. All the construction work is subsidized by certain points you get after completing some intuitive and addictive puzzles. There are several types of points: silver, gold, iron, wood, flour and many others which are essential for building a thriving city.

More than 20 masterpieces of the Ancient Roman architecture to build!
5 historical epochs where you start from a small village and construct your way to the Golden Age of the Roman Empire!
Build and conquer your way to the legendary Mount Olympus with over 100 levels sure to keep to wanting more!
Challenging ranking systems that let you become the Emperor of the great Rome!
8 original bonuses, including lightning, shield, star, mixer, bomb and many others!
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