Crazy Machines 2: Back into the Workshop
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
Today's Rank 6133
Date 2008-06-16
Publisher Viva Media
Date 2008-06-16
Publisher Viva Media
Crazy Machines 2 takes you on an incredible world tour and put your skills to the test with challenging puzzles from around the globe. But that’s not all: Crazy Machines II is exploding with new elements to play with, allowing you to create even more complex and astounding gadgets and machines.

Crazy Machines 2 also offers connection to an extensive online community of Crazy Machines 2 gamers. Players can post the machines they’ve created and download puzzles created by others. Trophies and high ratings will keep players coming back for more, as special achievements and clever solutions are rewarded.

- Over 200 elements to create and destroy
- All new parts and effects - astonishing lightning machines and laser beams!
- World Tour, Online, and Free-Style modes
- Hundreds of brand new challenges
- Trophy Hall for winning solutions!
- AGEIA PhysX Hardware support
- Family-style – challenges for kids and adults!
- Easy-to-use online system - download, upload, and rate machines
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