Cricket 2004
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Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2004-03-12
Publisher Electronic Arts
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtCricket. Love it or hate it, there's no denying its appeal: sunshine, relaxation, tea breaks. It's all here in EA Sports' comprehensive new simulation, Cricket 2004 (pretty much, anyway). Typically, EA's sporting simulations are detailed facsimiles of the real-life players and events they portray. Cricket 2004 is no exception to this admirable rule. Some 61 cricket grounds from across the globe are accurately depicted here, along with 56 teams. Everything is bang up to date, of course, but the game's impressive Player Editor feature ensures that users can--if they wish to maintain realism--change information as time goes on. Cricket has the uncanny ability of making time pass slowly. Here, for those who wish to re-invest that warped time wisely, EA bowls several cricket events: the World Cup appears alongside two domestic Australian cup competitions, numerous international tours, one-day tests, and the English County Championships. There's something for fans of every leaning. The action is delivered with aplomb. Sharp visuals, combined with TV-style camera angles and live commentary from Messrs Benaud and Maxwell (the modern-day voices of televised cricket), complete what is the definitive video game for cricket fans. --Jonti Davies

- All the international teams and players including astonishingly high detail in the players faces and bodies, including varied player sizes.
- Full licenses from the ACB, ECB, NZ Cricket and the South African Cricket team.
- 75 accurately modeled stadia, including various pitch types and conditions, detailed real time weather effects, and night modes for Day/Night matches.
- All new Motion Capture allowing improved player animations including form and injuries
- Flexible play allows the player to be fully involved in the selection of batsmen and bowlers, the placing of fielders. Chose manual fielding, or simply let the intelligent AI position your fielders for you.
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