Crime Cities
Genre Action -> Arcade
Today's Rank 14884
Date 2003-08-19
Publisher Encore Software
Date 2000-12-01
Publisher Nickelodeon
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtYou play Garm Tiger, a government agent known as Johnny Red; your mission: to infiltrate and destroy the Mafia gangs controlling the penal planets. As an "expelled" agent, you are on your own--to succeed in your mission you will need to make alliances with various crime factions, win their trust and respect, prove yourself worthy and think like a criminal.The first images that spring to mind are those of Blade Runner as you fly around the neon-lit planets in your car. Like The Fifth Element, there are various levels of traffic to negotiate, and a plethora of police vehicles just itching to haul in any offenders. The 3-D engine that powers Crime Cities is very impressive. Right from the introductory sequences, the graphics are mind blowing. The cityscape is fantastic, with adverts à la Blade Runner and the fog of The Fifth Element. The game is also accompanied by realistic environmental sound, rather than a soundtrack.You can fly your car anywhere in the city, aided by your radar, so control is best via a mouse or joystick and the keyboard. Being able to fly in any direction, and often upside-down can be confusing till you learn to interpret the dashboard of your car. Once control is mastered, however, there is no stopping you, as you race between buildings and dogfight with other malicious drivers and bounty hunters.Crime Cities is an instantly entertaining game, with eye-popping graphics. The plot is somewhat Driver-like, and the vehicles have been seen before, but never together and never done so well. Crime Cities might suffer on the longevity side, with most of the missions quite similar, but the graphics and the novelty of controlling such a unique vehicle make it exceptionally fulfilling. --Chris Hall
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