Crossfire Europe
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Crossfire Europe Modes Trailer (HD)
83.88MB - 71 downloads - 27 June, 2012

CrossFire: Europe is the European version of the popular fast-paced military combat shooter pitting two competing mercenary forces against each other, the Global Risk and the Black List, in a fight for strategic advantage in a war-torn world. Developed by SmileGate, CrossFire is one of the largest first-person online shooters in the world with more than 3.7 million concurrent users globally. Players can choose a side, select their equipment load-out, and battle in different gameplay modes: Escape, Team Death Match, Elimination, Search and Destroy, Mutation, Ghost, Biohazard and Predator modes.

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Crossfire Europe LEO Map Trailer (HD)
35.76MB - 30 downloads - 8 March, 2012

The latest Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Station map adds another level of intensity to SG Interactive’s popular shooter by tweaking the gravity settings, allowing players to jump higher and stay in the air longer. In addition to embarking on the new map, players will now also have an extensive list of new items to choose from including the one-handed dynamic reloading M37 Stakeout weapon and the distinctive ULP-X character, whose bonus attribute sets it apart from others.

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Crossfire Europe Launch Trailer (HD)
40.9MB - 63 downloads - 8 December, 2011

Crossfire Europe is an intense, fast-paced, competitive free-to-play FPS charging into Europe by SG Interactive! Developed by SG Interactive's parent Co., SmileGate, Crossfire is one of the top online games in the world w/ millions of registered users.

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Crossfire Europe Trailer (HD)
58.72MB - 227 downloads - 6 August, 2011

1:31 of cinematic footage

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