Crown Of Glory
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Publisher Matrix Games
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North America Retail Box ArtThe stage is set, and the curtain rises upon the next act of the Great French War. Drums roll, bugles call, and banners are unfurled above the marching of tens of thousands of troops, wide-eyed recruits alongside battle-scarred veterans, sabers clattering alongside the bags of grapeshot, the wheels of hundreds of caissons rattling, as generals plan and diplomats plot, and as all of Europe reaches with their desperate hands for... The Crown Of Glory. This year marks the 200th anniversary of great battles such as Trafalgar and Austerlitz, which many consider the start of the Napoleonic Wars and the commencement of one of the most gripping decades in human history. It was an era that saw cobblers become princes and emperors become exiles, an age of legendary diplomats and brilliant tacticians. In Crown of Glory, you control one of the crowned potentates of Europe in the Napoleonic Era, wielding authority over his nation's military strategy, economic development, diplomatic relations, and social organization.

- Europe and North Africa, 1799 1820
- More than 200 provinces, 8 Major Nations, 90 Minor Powers
- Monthly Strategic Turns, 20 Minute Tactical Turns
- Military, Diplomatic, Economic and Social Decisions
- Quick Resolution of Battles or Detailed Resolution of Battles
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