Crown of Glory: Emperor's Edition
Genre Strategy -> Wargames
Today's Rank 16958
Date N/A
Publisher Matrix Games
Date N/A
Publisher Matrix Games
The original Crown of Glory won a series of accolades, including the Charles S. Roberts award for best Pre-20th Century Wargame, the War-Historical Group’s Wargame of the Year 2005, 8/10 from IGN and 9+/10 from Crown of Glory: Emperor’s Edition is a major step up from the original in nearly every area, with new detailed Naval Combat, a streamlined economic system, a much stronger AI, beautiful new strategic map, new scenarios and significant interface improvements, just to name a few!

° New strategic map including a network of roads connecting provinces
° 70 new movement areas on the strategic map
° New “Simple Economy” mode for players who want to concentrate on military / diplomacy
° 6 new minor powers
° 101 new historical events such as “Reign of Terror,” “Janissary Revolt,” and “Assassination of Paul I”
° Map zooms in and out smoothly on strategic and detailed combat levels
° Nations gain Experience and Naval Experience and use these to purchase national upgrades, advanced units, and special training for units
° Improved orders of battle in all scenarios with historical names for hundreds of divisions and ships
° New scenarios for 1803 and 1812
° New scenarios that allow Portugal, Bavaria, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Poland to be player-controlled
° Changes to strategic A.I. to create more historical decisions for certain nations
° New “Path of Napoleon” victory condition in which player must try to accomplish all of Napoleon’s goals
° New rules for inflation and mobilization limits to better model wartime effects on the economy and to limit army sizes to historical levels
° New rules for march attrition
° New interface screens for strategic overview, unit and province lists
° Ability to fight detailed battles at division or brigade level
° New system of in-game help
° New music and sound effects
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