Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date 2008-05-30
Publisher N/A
Crusader knights they might be penniless mercenaries or proud princes, ruthless warriors or visionaries, but our heroes have one thing in common: their resolution and pledge to reach Jerusalem. The game offers five notable personalities as possible viewpoint characters, from the great nations of medieval Europe, each of them with a different background, level of wealth, fighting skills, goals and dreams.

At the beginning of the game players choose one of these crusader knights, sending him into the bloody battles and the mazes of political intrigue, while watching over the fate of their chosen hero as he gains fame and faith, important ranks and fiefdoms, influence and power.

Hundreds of soldiers in real-time epic battles
Concentrated management between missions
Unique heroes as main characters
Supporting heroes with unique abilities
Single player campaign with 15 heroic battles from Constantinople to Jerusalem
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