Crypto Madness - Deluxe
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
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Decode 100's - even 1,000's of famous quotations in this fun puzzle game that will really get you thinking. No having to go through filling in dozens of letters or having to keep an eraser handy. The computer handles all of the hard work leaving you free to focus on solving the puzzle itself.
Ever need a single hint and inadvertently end up seeing the answer for several letters? That's not an issue here. You can get easily get a single hint without spoiling your fun.
Tired of looking at the same screen? With Crypto-Madness you can download different skins and change the theme! Players can even create their own skins giving Crypto-Madness an endless variety of styles.

•Need a hint? No problem. You get UNLIMITED hints for every puzzle.
•Puzzles are encrypted each time you start a puzzle making the code unique each time.
•Use an unlimited variety of skins or create your own!
•Keep track of which puzzles you have completed.
•You play whichever puzzle you want - in whatever order you want!
•Volumes I & II come with 1,500 puzzles each!
•The Deluxe version gives you 10,000! That's a LOT of puzzles!
•New skins added regularly and they are always FREE.
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