CSI Crime Scene Investigation
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
Today's Rank 7325
Date 2003-03-25
Publisher Ubisoft
Date N/A
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Retail Box ArtCSI comes to life on your PC with all the cyber-Sherlock Holmes appeal fans know and love. The high production value of the game and its faithful adherence to the theme, style, and sound of the show prove that it is not just a crass attempt to cash in on the CSI craze. As you'd expect, CSI is a mystery adventure game that follows the format of the CSI show. You collect evidence, head to the lab, visit the morgue and so on. You scrutinize the game's screens, looking for evidence or areas that may contain hidden clues. You can use Luminal to find blood traces, you can dust for prints, and you can use the sniffer to get gas samples--all are familiar tools and methods used in the show. CSI fans will likely intuitively know when and where to use each item while adventure game fans will delight in having such new, high tech toys. CSI offers five quality storylines, each of which would feel at home on the show. While you don’t get to fill the shoes of one of the show's well-known characters, you do get to work with each of them as you progress along the CSI investigative chain. Show characters join you to provide hints and help you establish the motive, means, and opportunity needed to determine and catch the bad guy. Fans of the show will forgive the short length of the game and merely adequate graphics just because of the quality storylines, use of the real actors, and respect shown the license. Adventure game fans will also appreciate it, even if they’ll find it a bit too easy (it’s aimed at mainstream fans more than hardcore gamers). CSI brings enough true crime class to be of interest to fans and non-fans alike.--Andrew S. Bub Pros: Actors from the show voice their characters in the game Pays homage and tribute to the show Respects adventure game and CSI fans equally Cons: Animation is stiff Five mysteries is too few

- Travel through the dark, seedy side of Las Vegas, as you work alongside Grissom, Catherine and the rest of the CSI team in this thrilling first-person adventure
- Put your thinking skills to the test as you question witnesses and examine crime scenes
- Analyze evidence you collect utilizing the latest in forensic equipment
- Five crimes to investigate and solve
- Realistic crime scenes and voiceovers by actual cast members -- you'll feel like you're in an actual episode of CSI!
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