CTU: Marine Sharpshooter
Genre Action -> FPS
Today's Rank 10045
Date 2003-03-04
Date N/A
Publisher Hip Interactive
North America Retail Box ArtCTU: Marine Sharpshooter makes you a part of an elite, secret military unit to stamp out terrorism! Make every shot count - your country depends on you to defend it!

- You play as a sharpshooter in the Counter Terror Unit, a covert American military force. A terrorist plots to detonate a nuclear weapon on American soil, and you must put a stop to that!
- Armed with your arsenal of weaponry, you'll follow a terrorist trail from Afghanistan to Russia to the South Pacific
- Play through ten expansive and realistic levels as you put an end to terrorism with just one shot
- Fully scripted storyline with thrilling cutscenes for immersive gameplay
- Use your eyes and ears, and keep in contact with your observer to make sure no one's watching you
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