CTU: Marine Sharpshooter 2
Genre Action -> FPS
Today's Rank 14435
Date 2004-10-27
Publisher Atari
Date N/A
Publisher Hip Interactive
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtUse advanced and authentic sniper weaponry and your elite military training to find and rescue the President of Burundi from heavily armed rebels and dangerous mercenaries and prevent a civil war. Progress through 10 levels using an array of gadgets like night vision goggles, a laser range finder, a target designator, a GPS receiver and more. You'll battle enemies, changing weather conditions and tough odds to restore democracy. Multiple game paths lead to a number of different endings.

- High-quality game engine and realistic ballistics depict firefights more incredibly than ever
- Strike from the shadows and blend into the darkness, as you complete deadly missions
- Real weather effects like wind, rainstorms and lightning to challenge your sharpshooting skills
- Use elite military weapons like the M40A1 sniper rifle in ten exciting maps
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Marine Sharpshooter 2 Movie
20.23MB - 766 downloads - 1 April, 2004

Marine Sharpshooter 2 Movie

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