Cultures Review

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Graphics: 8.5
Sound : 7.5
Gameplay : 8.5
Multiplayer : 6.5
Overall : 8.0
Review by McGyver
Culturs (c) Funatics (used german version)

They are seddling and fighting in their funny look Funatics nice Northmans are conqering America long before Kolumbus did it.

The Funatics team and the older Blue-Byte developers are now letting free the Vikings. In their strategie game "Cultures" you are the leader of the Icesee Fighters that have unlucky discoverd America .. and with u they are also building on it.

Such a badness
All is starting with a crash of a meteor falling into the land of Amerika. In cause of they folks u are playing with is a bit catholic like, the guys want to search the small pices of the meteor. They call it the "Sonnensplitter". Then they are packing their have and not have on a ship and drive to find the Sonnensplitter.

Funny Look of the Settlers
Like the other game also Cultures is having a very funny and nice rendering. It looks realy sweet how your small folk is looking and all the details they are having makes it a fun to look around a bit and fall into sleep cause u are so fascinated of their look.
The maximum resolution of the game is set to 1280x1024 pixel.

Other like in Settlers and Co. u wont have to build asap buildings to recruit troopers. U will have to get an overviewable look of your settlers. Each of your settlers has to learn his own job at first, before he can start bulding and growing up.

The good land America
If u arrive in America u will have to start at point 0. A hand full Guys u are havin that are bulding some farmer house and build some food. The ppl u are leading are getting experience with the time.
So u can upgrade them to an other job.

Pause must be
From time to time your ppl are getting weaker and weaker, then they will go to their houses and fall into sleep. Before they sleep they eat sumfin and do some sex perhaps with their partners. So u will have babys soon (mcgyver... two males don't do a baby tough... -hiv-)

The last words
Hm... its hard to make a say about that game. On the one site there is the very good detailed world of it self and the good atmosphere. On the other side there is the a little bit to loong time of the beginning of the game. It realy takes too much time to build up your "base". Normal newbies will be confused of the complexity that Cultures if having. But experienced gamers will love it.

Graphic: 8.5 nice loooking and very funny
Sound: 7.5 a bit slow and poor i know better sounds..
Handling: 6.5 shit is it hard to handle the game in the first time .. ouch
Gamedeep: 8.5 its like u are managing a town and its baby getting rates ;)
Multiplayer: 6.5 it needs to much time to play the game but if the other player dont disconnects :)
Overall: 8 for newbies its god damn hard to play but experienced gamers will have their fun!