Curse of Atlantis: Thorgal's Quest
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
Today's Rank 21536
Date 2003-05-30
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtCurse Of Atlantis II: Thorgal's Quest puts you on a quest to save a ancient warrior from much more ancient curse!

- Thorgal Aegirsson is sent off-course by a terrible storm. He meets an old man who shows him the future -- where Thorgal kills his own son. Now he will challenge the will of the Gods to stop this from happening!
- Explore the world of Viking mythology as you enter a universe of gorgeous 3D graphics and animation
- Meet thrilling challenges head-on and solve difficult puzzles as you follow the captivating storyline
- Multiple paths lead to various different possibilities - a different challenge every time
- Encounter numerous intriguing characters you can interact with, and get the clues you need to dispel the evil curse!
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