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Date 2005-06-21
Date 2004-02-13
Publisher Mindscape
North America Retail Box ArtTop Secret: Cypher Mission is a covert operation to save modern communications tools from terrorism. A hostile computer virus, with stealth-like capabilities, threatens to attack and destroy a host of highly secured international satellite and communication systems. The Pentagon traces the location of the ComSat unit to a secret lab complex in a subterranean bunker somewhere in the Middle East. An airborne operation is immediately launched. Its mission: to destroy the lab and the ComSat, and prevent further acts of terrorism. You are sent in as a lone, specially trained operative - Code Name: RAVEN.

- Powerful and widely-recognized setting - mid-1980’s U.S.S.R.
- Strong espionage/stealth gameplay including gadgets like the x-ray camera.
- Interactive non-linear world: Accomplish objectives in multiple ways - find hidden paths, combine in-game elements to create weapons and traps, or silently eliminate opponents.
- Set in real Soviet locations, and is built around locations such as Lenin’s Mausoleum, Chernobyl and the KGB’s notorious Lubyanka prison.
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