Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning Trailer (HD)
22.64MB - 58 downloads - 23 August, 2013

Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning is a thrilling first-person mystery and survival game designed for players of all ages. A unique stealth-based game, Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning immerses players in a one of-a-kind strategic survival experience complete with state-of-the-art graphics, original music, and engaging storyline. You have learned that your grandfather - Alfred Cypress, who you never knew you had, has disappeared. He was an eccentric and brilliant man who developed and programmed Artificial Intelligence into his living and working environments which are in different locations around the world. With Alfred's disappearance, the A.I. programs have become more self-aware, protective, and possessive of the items they protect. Your journey begins on a mysterious island. Using only your wits, you must find and protect secret information Alfred created and left behind which could change the world. Explore the vast island to find hidden areas, uncover Alfred's history, and learn about your family's legacy. Use your intellect, skills, and resources to survive and uncover the mysteries hidden on Cypress Island.

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