Genre Action -> Tactical
Today's Rank 446
Date 2004-11-04
Publisher N/A
Date 2004-08-20
Publisher Digital Jesters
North America Retail Box ArtD-Day is a tactical strategy game that drops you into the role of the World War II Allied forces, during the final drive to liberate Europe. You must successfully plan and execute the turning points of the liberation of Europe, throughout 3 campaigns & 12 missions. The Normandie Memoire committee has given D-Day the distinction of being the official game for the 60th anniversary commemoration of the Normandy landings. Because of this, you'll find strategic charts from the real battles, films from historical archives, as well as veterans' and local inhabitants' testimonies - some of which have never been available before!

- Play through the following scenarios - the first hours of the Omaha Beach landing, the paratrooper attack on Sainte Mere Eglise, the taking of the Cherbourg harbor, operation Cobra, the battle of the Falaise pocket, the liberation of Normandy in August 1944, and more!
- Over 60 Historically Accurate Units - including rifleman, paratroopers, artillery, tanks, transports, and air support
- During campaigns, you can call in the help of resistant forces to recon landing areas, take advantage of the Allies' air power (bomber, glider, & paratroopers), & more
- Multiplayer mode that uses GameSpy's online Matchmaking network - allowing up to 8 players to play simultaneously on 12 different maps, using 3 different modes
- Game Editor - allows you to create your own multiplayer maps
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