Dale Hardshovel and the Bloomstone Mystery
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date 2010-02-14
Publisher phime studio
Date 2010-02-14
Publisher phime studio
The game is set in Egypt, in the Big Pyramid, where Anubis, the guardian, will put various puzzles upon you. Each puzzle has the unique logic problem to solve. As a player, you have to match all the visible artifacts on the screen using artifacts themselves, or other special elements found in a level, like moving platforms or teleports. Play it well, and you will earn some more hints to help you in the quest. Lead Dale's daughter Daisy through mummy-crawling mazes and earn some more points or even exotic trophies for Dale's trophy room.

100 pure mind-twisting levels
unique matching artifact gameplay, with various helper elements
story driven quest
exciting additional arcade-style quests in the mummy-crawling mazes
exotic trophies for outstanding performance
combination of 3d rendered and hand drawn graphics
7 original in-house composed soundtracks that revive the spirit of ancient Egypt
authentic Dale voice-over
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