Dark Age of Camelot
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Date 2001-10-10
Publisher V.U.G.
Date 2002-11-22
Publisher Wanadoo
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtThis is the massively multiplayer online role-playing game for those whose report cards were always marked, "Does not play well with others." Dark Age of Camelot allows thousands of players to adventure, grow, and battle one another for territory, goods, and experience. Set in Europe's mythological past, Camelot incorporates Arthurian legends, Norse mythology, and Irish Celtic lore. Players choose which realm to serve during character creation: noble Albion, brutal Midgard, or mystical Hibernia. Each realm has unique character races and classes, such as elves, trolls, and highlanders. Once chosen, the player's character will serve that realm forever. Once the character has gained in power, he or she will be asked to defend the realm from invasion and to go on raiding parties into other realms. If you're thinking that Camelot is designed to encourage player-vs.-player combat, you're right. Realms will battle over territory, key structures (such as towers and castles), and relics. Certain powers and noble titles can only be gained by successfully attacking or defending against rival realms. But Camelot also requires teamwork. All player-vs.-player combat is team based; you can only fight characters in opposing realms. Members of a realm must band together to fend off and attack other realms. In fact, each character class has been designed with player-vs.-player combat in mind, and each will offer a different ability or perform a specific task in player-vs.-player situations. The inter-realm war is not merely chaotic, mass melee combat. There are towers to be taken over and defended, relics to pilfer from enemy realms, and territory to scout and conquer. Siege warfare will be required to take over castles, stealthy rogues will be able to climb into strongholds and open the gates, and much, much more will be available. Player levels will be based on experience versus monsters, not versus other players. And while players can only gain certain powers by actively going out on raids or protecting their realms' relics from enemy invasions, it is entirely possible to have a successful and enjoyable experience in Camelot as a merchant, trader, or monster hunter. At higher levels, players will have to adventure out into regions between the realms, which could bring them into conflict with enemies--but not necessarily so. In order to allow new players time to grow familiar with the game, each realm will have its own unique, protected adventuring areas designed for new players. These areas will be consistent within each realm, and will allow new players an opportunity to gain experience and power without worrying about an invasion from across the seas. Of course, at higher levels, you could be asked to rally to Arthur's banner before the gates of Camelot itself, or to conduct a druid ceremony in the mists of Hibernia, all for the greater glory of the realm. --Mike Fehlauer Dark Age of Camelot is a multiplayer online game you play via the Internet. A stable Internet connection is required to play. Mythic Entertainment charges a small monthly fee for this game, separate from your Internet service provider access charges. The first month of this fee is included in the purchase price of this package. You must provide a valid credit card to register and play. After your first month, you can use your credit card to buy more time.
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