Dark Matter
Genre Action -> Shoot Em Up
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Dark Matter Story Cinematic (HD)
37.77MB - 62 downloads - 20 July, 2013

The official glimpse at Dark Matters's back story and setting, told by the Companion himself.

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Dark Matter Kickstarter Pitch (HD)
81.24MB - 55 downloads - 19 June, 2013

Dark Matter is about light and shadow. Dark Matter's intense storyline set in a sci-fi/horror/adventure world set on the deep space exploration vessel, the Endeavor. One year into its mission, the Endeavor sent a static filled communication about strange lights and angels and then was never heard from again. You play as Ensign, a female crew member who emerges from cryosleep almost 70 years after the final transmission. The crew has vanished and the Endeavor now drifts in space dying and infested with unknown, deadly parasites. You must survive long enough to get the ship running before it dies, find out what happened to the crew and the mission and make it safely home.

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Dark Matter Gameplay Trailer #1 (HD)
26.43MB - 77 downloads - 7 December, 2012

The first gameplay trailer is set in one of the Endeavour's less Scavenger-infested areas, and shows the basics of interaction and combat, the darkness system in full action, and a quick glimpse at the inventory and crafting systems.

play Dark Matter Gameplay Trailer #1 (HD) download Dark Matter Gameplay Trailer #1 (HD)