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North America Retail Box ArtAre You Afraid of the Dark was one of the old school shows of SNICK (Saturday Nigh Nickelodeon) from the days of the big orange couch. It incorporated the age old tradition of telling ghost stories around a fire into a fascinating show, which was somewhat akin too The Twilight Zone, Tales From The Darkside, and Tales From The Crypt. The group of kids who met in the woods near a campfire to tell ghost stories called themselves "The Midnight Society," and the original members included: Gary, Kristen, Kiki, Eric, David, and Betty Ann. The leader of the group was Gary. At the beginning of each story, the person telling the story would always through some flammable substance into the fire, causing it to flair up.This game is based on the show, and was just as popular! Showman and magician Orpheo the Great, opened his own theater during the height of vaudeville in the 1920s. Crowds poured into Orpheo's Palace, drawn by the mystery of magic. Orpheo dazzled them with spectacular shows. One fateful night, while he was performing his famous Teleportation Trick, something went terribly wrong. Instead of being transported from one box to another, Orpheo's assistant, his daughter Elizabeth, disappeared. "Orpheo's Curse is based on Nickelodeon's 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' television series, where a cast of young people sit around a campfire and introduce eerie tales. The CD-ROM begins the same way, then gives way to gameplay. "The game picks up Orpheo's mysterious story many years later, as brother-and-sister duo Alex and Terry explore his now-abandoned theater. Their expedition soon turns into a kidnapping and a rescue mission."

- Based on the Saturday Night Nickelodeon Series "SNICK"
- Includes the "Midnight Society" campfire kids!
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