Dark Reign 2
Genre Strategy -> RTS
Today's Rank 16070
Date 2000-06-30
Publisher Activision
Date N/A
Publisher Activision
North America Retail Box ArtThanks to new developments in 3D rendering, Dark Reign 2 is an even more exciting 3D Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game than the original Dark Reign. Designed by Intel Architecture Labs, this technology produces spectacular effects, making for more sophisticated tactical strategies. As with many RTS games, Dark Reign 2 is based upon two factional groups aiming to conquer each other. The storyline--as well as weapons, units, special strategies and scenarios--have all been updated from the original Dark Reign. Generally, the gameplay is similar to that of the original Dark Reign, but the level of artificial intelligence (AI) is higher. The tactical use of terrain in battle is a much improved feature. The physical landscape can be moulded or scarred at any time during the conflict for supremacy. The array of various units is extraordinary allowing the gamer to view scores of them at the same time and in real time. Other new touches include visually powerful weapons fire, close-ups and unit detail, courtesy of the panning system. Dark Reign was a good test for an experienced gamer. Dark Reign 2 goes several steps further. --Paul Munford
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