Darkfall Online
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Date 2009-02-22
Date 2009-02-22
Darkfall Online is an MMORPG where thousands of players can exist on each server. Each player can create his character and develop it the way he likes. The game is fully sandbox and based in PvP (Player versus Player) combat system where there are no safe zones. Itís been released since February 2009, and is available for online purchase through www.darkfallonline.com.

- Role-playing, strategy, and shooter action in a MMOG
- The largest handcrafted online world of its kind.
- Over 10 thousand concurrent players per game world.
- The largest MMORPG battles ever - involving thousands.
- Ultimate PvP action, the #1 choice of top players and clans.
- Seamless, zoneless, non-instanced world. No invisible walls.
- No safe zones. Full loot. PvP everywhere with accountability.
- No more leveling. Improve the skills you use.
- Fight on mounts, ships, man cannons and vehicles.
- Siege and conquer cities, build and protect your own.
- Craft any item in the world and put your name on it.
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