Genre Adventure -> Adventure
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Date N/A
Publisher Cyberdreams
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtDARKSEED is a dark, science fiction-mystery game. You play Mike Dawson, a science fiction writer who recently purchased a Victorian-style house in Woodland Hills, California. Strange that you were able to buy the house for a song, and too bad you couldn't check it out thoroughly before moving in... As you explore your new home, you soon discover that you have bought more than you bargained for. The game begins when you first arrive to the house, and are drawn, almost immediately, to stumble to the bedroom and fall asleep. Frightening night-mares torment you, till you finally awaken to a pounding headache. Your challenge is to find out just what is going on, and what you can do about it. Control the fate of two worlds... the world as we know it and the dark world of an ancient and dying civilization. Unlock the secret of a sinister plot and discover the dark passage to their world... a place more terrifying than your darkest nightmare.

- Unlock a sinister plot controlling the fate of two worlds.
- Witness the terror of the dark secrets of alien environments.
- Interactive adventure game
- Rare title. Documentation on CDROM
- DOS, Windows 95/98 DOS Mode
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