Dave The Worm
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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There are currently 497 mazes from Tutorial - Beginner - Challenging - Tricky and Expert.
Free sign-up
You can register for Dave the Worm now, just complete the short form below. After you've registered your completed mazes will be recorded, your best times saved and you'll able to save and submit your own mazes.

There are two different leagues on Dave the Worm:

Player League
This rates players on how many mazes they've solved and how quickly.

Designer League
This ranks players on the quality of their maze designs.

You can also check out individual stats for every maze and player with the Maze Stats and Player Stats pages.

How It Works
This table rates players on their times for their completed mazes. Here's how the points and medals are calculated:

Players get 4 points and a gold medal if they match or better the top time for a maze. They get 3 points and a silver medal for getting within 5% of the top time (within 105 seconds if the top time is 100 seconds). Then they receive 2 points and a bronze for within 10% of the top time and 1 point for completing a maze outside Bronze medal time.

These points are then multiplied - 4x for an Expert maze, 3x for a Tricky maze, 2x for a Challenging maze and they remain the same for Beginners and Tutorials.
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Screenshots added: 2006-08-03