Dawnspire: Prelude
Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
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Dawnspire: Prelude is a team-based online action-rpg set in an original fantasy world. The game focuses on teamplay, tactics and player skill, all put into a frenzied and exciting mix to bring a new angle to the gaming experience you normally find in action-rpg's

Proprietary cutting-edge graphics engine that utilizes the full strength of pixel and vertex shaders 2.0. Including normal and specular maps, real-time reflections and shadows. No character levels. You earn experience as you go along and use it to purchase individual skill levels, all but eliminating the long wait to level up. Challenging game modes, the traditional Team Deathmatch combined with our original game mode Relic Conquest gives you countless hours of fun. Relic Conquest requires you to capture three Relics with unique effects, each demanding different tactics to capture. Original soundtrack featuring live orchestral instruments. Perhaps most importantly: This is just a Prelude. As the game continues to evolve new challenges, levels, skills, characters, game modes and more will be added on.
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