Dead Mans Hand
Genre Action -> FPS
Today's Rank 900
Date 2004-03-16
Publisher Atari
Date 2004-04-02
Publisher Atari
Dead Mans Hand Dead Mans Hand United Kingdom Retail Box ArtLive your Wild West dreams and step into the shoes of El Tehon, a master gunslinger out to deliver some payback. Pursue "The Nine" gang members in bare-knuckled bar brawls, horseback gun fights and good old fashioned, high speed train chases. Dead Man's Hand is a Wild West adventure at its best!

- First-person shooter set in the Wild West
- You are El Tejon, tough gunslinger
- Pursue a gang of outlaws known as, The Nine
- Use pistols, rifles and shotguns
- For 1 player
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Dead Mans Hand North America Retail Box Art

Dead Mans Hand United Kingdom Retail Box Art