DECO Online
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Step into the world of Deco Online and begin a fantasy adventure like never before. Fight alongside the mighty warriors of Millena or seek greater power with the spell casters of Rain in the fully 3D-rendered world of Unicle.

The two nations, Millena and Rain, have had a long history of terrible wars and skirmishes which spanned over a thousand years. During those terrible times, the monsters which inhabited Lette Plane, a large undeveloped land between the two nations, took advantage of weakened defenses and mounted attacks on both capital cities. The threat posed by these monsters forced leaders of Millena and Rain to come to a ceasefire agreement and soon after, diplomatic ties followed.

200 years have passed since the last Great War. Both nations have prospered and grown in stature again. The discovery of a new magical energy source called Elda Stones in Lette Plane has caused both sides to venture once again into Lette Plane as they seek to expand their borders.
Will the fragile peace be shattered and hostilities renewed? Or is there more than meets the eye about the origins of the Elda Stones? Come find out today and join other eager adventurers in the fantasy world of Deco Online!

- Play for FREE
Immerse yourself in the world of Deco Online and enjoy the game without having to worry about a monthly subscription. Instead, players have the option to buy virtual cash to further enhance their game play experience.
- 2 Nations, 1 World
Choose to align yourself with the battle-hardened Millena warriors or the scholarly Rain mages and bring glory to your people!
- 8 Unique Classes to choose from
Choose from a plethora of classes (Knight, Mercenary, Slayer, Sniper, Prominas, Priest, Holy Avenger and Psyche) to suit your preferred style of play and carve your name into the history books of Unicle!
- “Everybody Was Combo Fighting!!”
Innovative combo-fighting system that keeps players on their toes and monsters wishing for a quick end to their miserable existence. Chain your attacks together to use finishing moves that not only look cool but also deal massive additional damage!
- Varied PvP Battle Modes
3 different modes of Player Vs Player (PvP) game play (Team Deathmatch, Survival and Capture the Tower) to satisfy all your PvP cravings. Challenge other players to a formal battle in the Battle Room or if you are strong enough, venture into enemy territory and show them what you’re made of.
- Deco Fame System
Improve your reputation in the world of Deco Online by participating in PvP battles and gain access to powerful items and exclusive merchants.
- Production Mini Game
Engage in challenging mini games and puzzles in the Production sub job. Complete them successfully to upgrade your weapons and armor!
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