Deer Avenger 3D
Genre Sport -> Fishing and Hunting
Today's Rank 20777
Date 2000-10-04
Publisher V.U.G.
Date 2002-02-01
Publisher Akaei
North America Retail Box ArtDeer Avenger 3D is the first 3-D version of the parody series where the hunted becomes the hunter. Players assume the role of Bambo, whose romantic desires must be put on hold until all the forest animals are safe from hunters. There are four locations to hunt in, and your prey has different levels of skills and abilities. Bambo's arsenal includes shotguns, rifles, automatic weapons, and atomic-powered particle farts. You will have access to lures like beef jerky and fart-inducing snacks, plus nature lovers and other bystanders will help you clear the forest of hunters.
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