Deer Hunter Tournament
Genre Sport -> Fishing and Hunting
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Date N/A
Publisher Atari
Date N/A
Publisher Atari
Gamers and hunting fans alike will venture to most of the world's most prestigious hunting locations in pursuit of the most exotic and sought after big-game trophy animals. Virtual hunters can now enter different modes, such as stealth or adrenaline, or employ an array of master hunting strategies, including building stands and blinds, to track and shoot their targets. Deer Hunter Tournament provides numerous levels of gameplay, allowing hunters to embark on scouting missions designed to explore maps and equipment while studying animal habits. Hunters can also take part in hunting tutorials, compete in open hunting sessions and participate in either solo gameplay or the intense multi-player tournaments.Employing some of the recent advancements in gaming technology, Deer Hunter Tournament features true-to-life animal behavior through advanced animal AI designed to mimic animal sight, hearing, sense of smell and behavioral patterns. Additional features include an arsenal of new weapons with bullet time slow motion replay and thermal scopes. Realistic effects in the game capture awe inspiring wildlife moments like hawks swooping down to snatch fish from lakes - but hunters must also be wary of bears, moose, mountain lions and other dangerous predators who will stalk and attack.
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