Delta Force 2
Genre Action -> Tactical
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Date N/A
Publisher Novalogic
Date 2001-03-23
Publisher Novalogic
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtNovalogic's Delta Force 2, the sequel to 1998's Delta Force, places players in the role of an American Special Forces soldier. Spanning more than forty missions of squad-based combat, Delta Force 2 requires players to either work solo or guide a handful of squad members into heavily fortified enemy ground. Most missions involve search-and-destroy objectives and take place on a wide variety of landscapes and locations. Novalogic's decision to reuse their "Voxel Space" engine from the original Delta Force probably won't please gamers hoping for something akin to the Unreal engine. While the Voxel Space engine renders landscapes and patches of grass beautifully, trying to locate items and enemy soldiers from a distance becomes quite difficult; it's simply hard to distinguish long-range enemy voxels (the pixels that comprise Novalogic's 3-D engine) from standard environmental objects. Furthermore, heed Novalogic's warnings and don't attempt to run Delta Force 2 unless you meet or, better yet, exceed the system requirements. Despite some performance problems, Delta Force 2 includes both a robust and enjoyable single-player experience as well as plenty of Internet and LAN multiplayer options. More than twenty real-world weapons and equipment are included; missions require the use of everything from the M40A1 sniper rifle and APS underwater assault rifle to light anti-tank weapons and camouflage suits. --Doug Radcliffe
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