Delta Force: Land Warrior
Genre Action -> Tactical
Today's Rank 3567
Date 2000-11-08
Publisher Novalogic
Date 2001-02-02
Publisher Novalogic
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtThe Delta Force series has a huge following and the latest offering, Delta Force: Land Warrior, takes all the best features of its predecessors and a whole clutch more to produce a serious competitor in the military genre. You play one of five characters in the fight against terrorism with a selection of the world's finest firearms. The controls are easy to master, and using a scrolling mouse makes the game simple, allowing you not only the ability to fire the weapon and bring up the sights or scope, but also to quickly change weapons and lie down. This makes reacting to enemy fire almost second nature. The graphics are impressive and the large open landscapes are reminiscent of those in Hidden & Dangerous. Delta Force: Land Warrior virtually jumps straight into action, with mission briefings kept to a minimum. You cannot view the operational maps until you are in the game itself. It is easy to enter a mission and get into action in next to no time. The enemy forces, however, do seem to suffer from a lack of AI, which spoils the overall feel of the game. It is easy to walk up to an opponent without them spotting you. However, if an enemy cracks off a good shot, you will be dead before you know where the bullet came from, although this is a rare occurrence. Overall, Delta Force: Land Warrior sports a range of original features which improve this type of first person shooter, but could have offered slightly more. Having said that, gameplay is amazingly satisfying and the weapons and sound quality is very good. If you are a Delta Force fan this game is a must; if not, it's as good a contender as any in the military market. --Chris Hall
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