Democracy 2
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
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Democracy 2 starts with you as a leader of a new government, tasked with running the country, and keeping the electorate happy in the run up to each election. Democracy 2 will retain the emphasis on complexity, depth and gameplay of the original, with a more sophisticated AI model under the hood, but a similar visual approach to managing all the myriad laws, policies and decisions of your government. Unlike the original game, Democracy 2 will not model real world countries, but give the player a 'virtual country' sandbox to tweak and adjust as they see fit.
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Democracy 2 Trailer (HD)
50.45MB - 43 downloads - 11 October, 2012

The most complex and detailed 'sim-country' game ever made, this game puts you in the position of president or prime minister, with the goal of staying in office long enough to transform your virtual country into the country of your dreams (or nightmares). A critically claimed game that is used in a number fo schools, colleges, universities and some business organizations to teach decision making skills, Democracy 2 is also a great way to flex your political will and give life to your theories and views on politics. Easy to mod, easy to learn, extremely hard to master.

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