Desert Thunder
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 0
Date 2003-12-06
Date N/A
Publisher Hip Interactive
North America Retail Box ArtYou are the commander of a top secret M1A6 experimental tank in the elite 7th Cavalry Heavy Armored Division. Using your awesome firepower, you must make it through unforgiving desert environments, engage well-armed enemies head-to-head and complete your mission to reach the capital city and eliminate the terrorist threat... Alone.

- In this addictive 3rd-person shooter, you're in charge of Operation - Desert Thunder, a secret military operation that must succeed at all costs
- You'll find yourself sucked into this immersive storyline, taken straight from the headlines
- Collect satellite info from HQ and battle against impossible odds, to stay alive and complete your mission
- Prevail against superior numbers using this powerful engine of destruction!
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