Die Hard Nakatomi Plaza
Genre Action -> FPS
Today's Rank 8221
Date 2004-09-09
Publisher V.U.G.
Date 2002-05-24
Publisher V.U.G.
North America Retail Box ArtThe chance to re-live every man's favourite movie is now possible with Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza on the PC. Following the film almost to a tee, Piranha, the games developers have taken the Alien versus Predator 2 engine and developed a game that not only oozes with action, but also has a cutting edge not seen in First-person Shooters for a long time. Although the game has sharp graphics, re-enactments of key scenes from the movie and great sound, this pales in comparison to the gameplay and it's the little quirks that Die Hard offers that will be played and remembered. The biggest factor is that in keeping with the film, is that you are pretty much caught unawares of your impending difficulties and therefore the environment and how you react to it have a great effect on your gaming style (no shoes, remember). Furthermore, in an attempt to add another dimension to the gameplay, you also have to contend with not only a health monitor, but also stamina and morale. Lose too many hostages and you'll suffer on the morale front. Try and run too much and you'll have problems with the stamina and so on. This is a game that will keep you playing for quite some time as like the film you dart up and down the Nakatomi Plaza in Century City re-enacting the scenes from the movie. But don't fear, any hardcore Die Hard fans out there won't be able to guess every move as the developers have included a few surprises including a lot more than 13 henchmen. --Jason Denwood
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