Digimon Masters Online
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Digimon Masters is an online MMORPG based on stories of ‘Digimon Savers’ created by Toei animation, Japan. Digimon Savers was the 5th TV series which it had broadcasted on Fuji TV after 3years gap of the Digimon Frontier, from 2nd Apr.2006 through 25th.Mar.2007 every Sunday morning 9am in Japan.

Previous Digimon series were simply drawing the battle between good and evil but this new Digimon Savers is drawing conflict and peaceful coexistence between digital-world and real-world. For this, there are varies of DATS (Digital Accident Tactics Squad) agents and Partner Digimon stories are described. Special features are as below.

Special Features:
1) Digi-soul system – It means energy needed when to use skills such as attacking, which has similar meaning with Magic power of other games. Only tamers are able to produce Digi-soul, and the amount of Digi-soul is amplified due to tamer’s capability when tamer conveys it to digimon through Digi-vice.

2) Digi-vice – This is a compound word of Digital + Device. Meaning is ‘device digitalizes human will and delivers it to digimon’. As tamer mean user’s appearance, Digi-vice means tamer’s inner capability which makes digimon more powerful.

3) Various Evolution System – There are variety of evolution systems as well as ‘Standard Evolution’ such as Growth Evolution, Quest Evolution, Crest, Digimental Evolution, Dark Evolution, Matrix Evolution and Sprit Evolution. Those systems are interesting enough to keep you focused on this game and not to get bored.

4) Mercenary Digimon – All tamers are allowed to have only one Partner Digimon but sometimes facing a group of enemies and great-power boss in the battle field. So that tamers can recruit many kinds of Digimons in order to supply its combat career.

5) Digital-Trans Card System – On the market, there are TCG cards which players can buy and put a bar code through ‘Digital-trans’ to achieve cash and item. Not only can those players also recall a specific character all the time in the game.
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