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Dimensity is a strategy game with RPG elements. There are four playable races, each with its advantages and weakness. The player will control a leader whose class and specialization must be chosen in the beginning of the game. The leader could be either warrior or mage. When warrior, he can equip many weapons and armor. If the leader is a mage he should furthermore choose one of the two available for the race schools of magic. The other becomes unavailable for him to learn, although he still could use its spells if they are written on scrolls. The mage can handle only certain weapons and cannot equip armor or shield. His protective wears are mage robes and mantles.

Full 3d engine based on DirectX 9.0 features;
Both strategic and third person view;
Four unique races with own architecture;
Ability to create and develop a Leader - unique for every race;
More than 100 unique units;
Over 80 special effects and spells;
Billions of items with various characteristics and usefulness. Specially developed drop system;
Multiplayer with up to four players;
Hero, units and items transfer from one game sesson to another;
Challenge mode played on custom maps with increased difficulty.
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