Dino Crisis
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Date 2000-08-18
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North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtAn abandoned research complex on a remote jungle island, a team of special forces operatives, a horde of vicious velociraptors, and one big, mean Tyrannosaurus Rex constitute the setting and cast of Dino Crisis, the latest masterpiece from the makers of Resident Evil. You play as Regina, a member of a four-person team sent to retrieve an expatriate scientist. Your radio man became a midnight snack for the T.Rex, so it's up to you and your two remaining teammates to explore a dino-infested research station, rescue the scientist, call for a helicopter retrieval, and escape with your lives. Along the way you'll uncover the grizzly remains of those who got in the dinosaurs' way, and you'll unravel the mystery of how a top-secret energy research project turned into a Jurassic nightmare. And about those dinosaurs: they're all over the island. One instant you'll be walking along a second-story balcony, admiring the view, the next instant you'll be dodging a T.Rex as it smashes its huge maw through the concrete walls. Velociraptors chase you down blood-spattered corridors, flying reptiles circle the outdoor areas, and your only weapons are your pistol, whatever else you can salvage, a dwindling supply of ammunition, and your wits. Packed with clever puzzles and heart-pounding surprises, all superbly presented with realistic graphics and horror-movie camera angles, Dino Crisis is a triumph of survival-horror gaming. Yet be warned, this is a direct PlayStation conversion and so looks and feels like PlayStation game rather than your average PC title.--Mike Fehlauer

- Renegade scientist Dr. Kirk has used Third Energy to create a new batch of dinosaurs - and an army base, research institute, and a town have mysteriously vanished. Now Regina and her team are off to clear the area!
- Armed with the latest in heavy artillery, you'll have to go on a search-and-rescue mission to locate survivors and dig up missing research data
- Bigger environments, more & badder dinosaurs, and smarter AI make this game twice the challenge of the original
- It's nonstop adrenaline-pumping action, as you go on the hunt, and avoid being hunted!
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