Genre Strategy -> Strategy
Today's Rank 2682
Date 2005-10-04
Publisher Atari
Date 2005-12-09
Publisher Mindscape
North America Retail Box ArtDiplomacy puts your strategy and negotiation skills to the test, in the interactive version of the classic board game! Set in early 20th century Europe, it brings the power struggles of seven mighty nations to life. Use shrewd negotiations and clever strategy to keep your nation from being manipulated and conquered by other leaders - and manipulate or conquer them at the first opportunity.

- Diplomacy allows the player to negotiate anything that is logically negotiable - Form alliances or break them on a whim
- Players must decide whom to trust -- and how to convince others to trust him
- Avatars representing your opponents will express feelings depending on your actions and play style
- An enhanced graphical language will be the negotiating tool between the player and his human and AI opponents -- making the options almost endless for the player
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