Dirt Track Racing Review

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Graphics: 7.0
Sound : 5.5
Gameplay : 7.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 6.4
Review by A.S.

"Errrrrrr, Aaaaaaan , neeeheheheheheh", Guess what's that sound? No, Its not you father shitting....., No, Its not you steeling you mother's car: Its Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars! (The headline messed up the surprise I guess, Grrr, Neeheheheh, heheheh :P)

Well, this game is a well rounded game, Its not that I don't like it, its just boring after you play it for a while, non the less, Its still a good game, read on....

OK, I liked the game, really, there's rough competition (too rough?), you can really have fast game paste and you will certainly enjoy the Clashes between you and the others (wish it'd have some weapons :l), The speed is OK, I guess my first car wasn't that fast, so I might not address the speed of this game, but it is most satisfying to drive around in a TruckLike vehicle. You get sponsors, Tuning, Upgrading, new cars, allot of series' to compete in, quite good actually.

Well, I didn't really know what to expect, but I was also a little shamed to play a field game with no Audience, I mean, You see the people clapping, but you cant really hear them shouting out loud! I really wanted to hear people shout stuff, maybe curse here and there, but I was overwhelmed by the not so real engine roar, the most dominating sound you'll hear in this game (Amazing ha?). As for the FX, You bump into a wall, you hear the crash, those effects at least sounded good (The sound the inevitable Crash coming right to you in a matter of seconds!)

I'll start out with the graphics, I really believe that Graphics are the 2nd most important element in a game, This one, from 1-10, I give out a 7 for graphics, Why? Well, The effects are all right, actually, their a little bit Less than I expected, in these days that everyone has a 3D accelerator, you'd expect bright skies with nice looking weather effects, maybe some Fire coming up from a sprint car (or maybe not), This game does have its share of effects, Smoke, Dirt particles, Smoke, Dirt particles and some more smoke.... That's why I say its a little bit disappointing (Effects speaking), But the models of the Vehicle are quite all right, they live up to the real thing (Comparing the Into video with the game), I'd say Realism is what they went for (You can adjust the realism level in the game itself, to feel the Virtual Rush and the Virtual Adrenaline... Wow....), Because honestly, Its not that spectacular.

One more remark about the graphics, the tracks are very simple, I don't know, I just felt all tracks kept spinning around, no real difference but some color and Dirt color changes, As for the Overall graphics experience, I'd grade it as Medium - above medium (due to the good integration with the gameplay)

Its a good game, you should get it if you like mid-high speed racing games, If you like Sprint cars, then I say this is as real as it gets from the actual thing.