Disciples 2
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
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Date 2005-01-25
Publisher Take 2
Date 2005-04-01
Publisher Hip Interactive
Disciples 2 Disciples 2 United Kingdom Retail Box ArtIn Disciples II Gold, you'll control the fates of several different races as theybattle toclaim land. Lead a great army against threats to all you hold dear. Includes Disciples II: Dark Prophecy, three expansion packs (Guardians of the Light, Servants of the Dark, and Rise of the Elves) and exciting new scenarios.

- Disciples II - Servants of the Dark takes you to the darker side of the world. Nevendaar's elves were decimated in the previous campaign, but their god has returned to the world with devious new plans for supremacy. Meanwhile, the Legions of the Damned hope to take advantage of the current confusion. Features two new high-level mini-campaigns, new level bosses, 16 new skirmish maps and 3 new characters.
- In Disciples II - Rise of the Elves, you'll control the destiny of the Elven race, as they march toward their ultimate fate. The Elvish God calls for unity, in a time of intolerance. Help them take back their forests by working together. Features over 20 new spells and attacks for the elves, 35 new units to command, 8 special quests and all-new Landmarks and Artifacts.
- Lead a great army in Disciples II - Dark Prophecy - Create powerful heroes and leaders who can command men in times of strife -- these men are your Heroes, and they will lead your charge. Each army you create will have a unique series of goals, explained by the unfolding storylines, while building alliances with neutral armies as you work to accomplish these goals.
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Disciples 2 North America Retail Box Art

Disciples 2 United Kingdom Retail Box Art