Disciples Gold
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
Today's Rank 0
Date 2001-03-09
Publisher Strategy First
Date 2002-10-25
North America Retail Box ArtIt is now the dawn of a new age. The most momentous of wars has begun in the heart of the Sacred Lands. Four races--the Empire, the Mountain Clans, the Undead Hordes, and the Legions of the Damned--stand ready for battle as they fight for the survival and dominance of their war-torn world and the gods they have long believed in. The mighty lords watch silently as their disciples prepare for the daunting tasks ahead. Each warrior must engage in a struggle of swordplay, sorcery, and uncommon courage in order to complete his or her sacred quests. The Empire fight to secure their people's future. The Mountain Clans search to regain their rune knowledge. The Undead Hordes seek revenge for their accursed god. And the Legions of the Damned battle to resurrect their fallen angel's soul. It is a struggle of desperation. Every stroke of a sword, each blast of fiery magic, must be endured beyond exhaustion, for once the clouds of destruction clear, lands will have been transformed, new armies will have been forged, and the cheers of the liberated will resound throughout the land. Only one race shall claim victory. Only the chosen will survive. Engage in classic turn-based strategy and RPG action in a fully explorable medieval world. Battle to the death as a champion from any one of four completely distinct races. Take on the challenge of the Sacred Lands as a Mage, Warrior, or Guildmaster--all possessing unique strengths and weaknesses. Master more than 100 spectacular spells, each boasting its own dynamic animation. An exclusive experience model allows for groundbreaking variety and depth-of-character evolution. Awe-inspiring hand-drawn and prerendered graphics enliven the never-before-seen landscapes and denizens of these magical realms. An engrossing story line weaves through four complete campaigns, multiple scenarios, and hundreds of hours of gameplay. Clash in multiplayer action with up to four players over a LAN or the Internet.
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