Disney's The Emperor's New Groove Review

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Graphics: 8.5
Sound : 8.0
Gameplay : 9.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 8.0
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The Emperor's New Groove Action Game (c) Disney Interactive


What does Lionking, Tarzan, Hercules and The Emperor's New Groove All have in common? Besides being kickass, fun, fast and easy to play games, they are Disney's games. Addressing the storyline would be foolish, just go grab the movie or something to actually enjoy the entire Experience (Yes, even if your 26 years old, Those are classics), In short, Your the Emperor, turned into a Lama and you got to find your way back to the castle.....
Disney switched to a Full 3D environment, Unlike Tarzan; Will this Major switch Switch our beloved Disney Game? Read on....


Most important factor in this game (Right after the graphics), I think that Disney Over Achieved itself this time, making a really fun game which everyone would enjoy to play every once and a while (Just to Lighten up the day). The storyline is (ofcourse, damn, with Disney I have to write Ofcourse many times...) absolutely perfect, having all this game has (check the Summary), I'd say this is a Sure Bet to get for your child on Christmas.


Well, its really hard reviewing a Disney game, they make it So perfect, just as it should be. The music is really really nice (Big surprise) and the voices, well, the characters make you want to grab the movie on DVD and watch it (or just go to the theaters). A lot of funny Sound F/X here and there, lots of jokes that can really change an entire game from being a flop to being a m0b killah (a.k.a. KickArse)


Disney is absolutely amazing, Not only it looked great on 640x480 (FAST) with FSAA 4x enabled, but I actually felt good to play a game on Low res any actually enjoy it. Pumping up the graphics (With my Voodoo5 5500) to 1024x729 (Yes, I want it that way ;P) the game simply looked Spectacular, not to mention that the FSAA 4x does its job splendidly eliminating those nasty remaining small flickering lines.

New Groove is pretty much Disney, meaning it takes advantage of the best technologies to actually make the game Beautiful yet easy to play (and fast, very important).

This game is no exception, bright colors, nice environment, dynamic characters and objects lay around the "Play ground" just so you could have the Famous Disney "That's so Cool! And Nice! feel.

The Characters are well modeled and textured, not to mention the entire environment of the game, Two thumbs up for Disney


Great humor, Super graphics, characters to make you wanna Slap yourself and a Storyline that only Disney can deliver. This game is a Best Seller boys!
I'd say Disney's Best (yet) !!!