District Wars
Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
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A sudden attack on the Scorpions has changed life of Tyrus Jones forever. He is the last gang member who survived. Now the only thing that drives him is the urge of revenge. He will turn the city of New Valley upside down in search for mysterious gang that takes control over the city bit by bit.T.J. will dispose other New Valley's gangs that stand on his way. He will also confront corrupted policemen, bribed drug dealers and old mates that turned against him. He'll show them how big mistake it was to leave him alive.

Storm the city of New Valley and fight on the streets or in the zones like Prison, Subway and others.
Try many diversified weapons to smash over 30 different types of the opponents
Unveil secrets of the city in the Single Player mode and gain respect in the Multi Player mode.
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